Thursday, August 27, 2009

How to: Access FTP with MAMP

Sometimes you may need FTP access for your local development with MAMP or MAMP PRO. Therefore you can use the FTP server built into Mac OS X. The ftp server is not activated by default. To activate the server follow these steps:

Note: This tutorial uses Snow Leopard 10.6 but in general this also works with older Versions of Mac OS X.
  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Go to "Sharing"
  3. Activate "File Sharing"
  4. Click on "Options"
  5. Acitvate "Share files and folders using FTP"
  6. Click on "Done"
  7. Below the entry "FTP Access: On" you will find a text "Other people can access your FTP server atftp:// or browse for “Dirk Eineckes MacBook Pro 17"”."
  8. Write down the IP Address
  9. Close the preferences panel
Now you have activated the FTP server and you can access it with any FTP client like Cyberduck or FileZilla. Per default you will be directed to your home directory. But most commonly you want to access a certain directory on your hard drive instead of accessing your home directory.

How this works we will showcase with the free FTP client FileZilla:
  1. Start FileZilla
  2. Go to File -> Site Manager
  3. Click on "New Site" in the upcoming dialogue
  4. Choose a name at the tree on the left (like "Local")
  5. On the right enter your IP Adress into the field "Host"
  6. Choose "Normal" at the select box "Logontype"
  7. Enter your username into the field "User"
  8. Enter your password into the field "Password". (Username and password are the same which you are using to access Mac OS X)
  9. Click on the tab "Advanced"
  10. Enter your favored directory into the field "Default remote directory". On my system this is: "/Users/dirkeinecke/Documents/Websites/MAMP-Server/test"
  11. Click "Connect"
You are done!