Friday, August 28, 2009

How-to: Using the local Mac OS X FTP Server with Espresso

We already showcased how to start the built in FTP server of Mac OS X and how to access it with the FTP Client FileZilla.

Today we want to demonstrate how to connect to the FTP Server using Espresso (provided by the guys from MacRabbit):
  1. Start Espresso
  2. Create a new project by going to File -> New Project
  3. Click on "New Folder" and choose "Create Project"

  4. Enter a name for the directory and choose where you want to save it

  5. Click on "Settings" at the upcoming window
  6. Click on "Add Server" on the right

  7. Enter a name into the field "Nickname". I'm choosing "Local"
  8. Leave the standard setting to "FTP" at the select box
  9. The field "Port" can be left blank
  10. Enter your IP address into the field "Server". Not sure about your IP? Take a look at our post "How to: Access FTP with MAMP"
  11. Enter your user name into the field "User Name"
  12. Enter your password into the field "Password" (Username and password are the same which you are using to access Mac OS X)
  13. Enter the favored directory into the field "Remote Path". On my System this is: "/Users/dirkeinecke/Documents/Websites/MAMP-Server/test"

  14. Click on "Save" on the upper right corner
  15. Now we want to establish a connection
  16. Click on "Local" (your nickname) at the sidebar on the left
  17. Now you will see a button "Connect" on the right. Click it.

  18. The connection has been established and you are done!