Thursday, September 17, 2009

How-to: Install ExpressionEngine on MAMP

In this tutorial we want to show how to install the free version of ExpressionEngine using MAMP.

  1. Install MAMP -> How to install MAMP
  2. Use the Finder and create a folder "ExpressionEngine" at this directory: "/Documents/Websites/"
  3. Open MAMP
  4. Click on Preferences button to open MAMP Preferences

  5. Click on the "Apache" Tab.
  6. Click on "Choose"
  7. Choose this directory: "/Documents/Websites/Expressionengine"
  8. Click on open
  9. This directory should appear within the field "Document Root": /Users/yourusername/Documents/Websites/ExpressionEngine

  10. Click OK
  11. Click on "Start Servers" button to start the server
  12. Click on "Open start page" button
  13. Click on the Tab "phpMyAdmin"
  14. Enter the value "expressionengine" (without quotes, all lower case) into "Create new database" field
  15. Choose the value "utf8_general_ci" using the "Collation" select-box

  16. Click on "Create" button
  17. Close your Browser window
  18. Delete files eventually created automatically at the directory "/Documents/Websites/Expressionengine"
  19. Download the ExpressionEngine installer
  20. Unzip the installer
  21. Copy the files from the EECore1.6.8 directory into "/Documents/Websites/Expressionengine"
  22. Start your Browser
  23. Open the URL http://localhost:8888/install.php
  24. "ExpressionEngine Installation Wizard" will start
  25. Click "Click here to begin"
  26. Agree to the licence
  27. Click submit on the next Screen ("Name of your "system" folder")
  28. Navigate to "Database Settings" on the following screen ("Enter Your Settings")
  29. Enter all following values:

    MySQL Server Addresslocalhost
    MySQL Usernameroot
    MySQL Passwordroot
    MySQL Database Nameexpressionengine
    Database Prefixexp

  30. Navigate to "Create your admin account".
  31. Choose a Username, a Password and a Name for your site
  32. Navigate to "Localization Settings"
  33. Choose your timezone
  34. Click on "Click here to install ExpressionEngine!"
  35. User the Finder to delete the "install.php" file at the "/Documents/Websites/Expressionengine" folder
  36. You are done
Now you can navigate to the Control Panel by opening the URL: http://localhost:8888/system/index.php. Login by using your username and password used at step 31.

Your website URL is http://localhost:8888/index.php