Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Testing Content Management Systems with MAMP

We certainly can´t test every single CMS on the market. But we tried the most common open source content management systems with MAMP. Although it´s not really a CMS we also tested Wordpress. And the news is: All tested systems worked perfectly with MAMP!

As lots of complex Content Management Systems are requiring more PHP memory than the default 8MB MAMP is offering we increased the PHP memory limit to 32MB. Read this post to learn how it works.

Here is the list of all tested Systems (in alphabetical order):

NameVersionTesterTest date
CMS Made Simple1.6.5MAMP Team (D. E.)13.09.2009
Drupal6.13MAMP Team (D. E.)13.09.2009
Frog CMS0.9.5Anonymous17.12.2009
ExpressionEngine1.6.8MAMP Team (D. E.)16.09.2009
Joomla!1.5.14MAMP Team (D. E.)13.09.2009
MODx1.0.2MAMP Team (D. E.)05.03.2010
papaya CMS5.0 RC1MAMP Team (D. E.)13.09.2009
REDAXO4.2.1MAMP Team (D. E.)13.09.2009
phpwcms1.4.5Oliver Georgi10.10.2009
Textpattern4.2.0MAMP Team (D. E.)13.09.2009
TYPO34.2.8MAMP Team (D. E.)13.09.2009
TYPOlight2.6Dolores Moser25.10.2009
webEdition6.0.0.6MAMP Team (D. E.)13.09.2009
Wolf CMS0.6.0Anonymous17.12.2009
WordPress2.8.4MAMP Team (D. E.)13.09.2009

We hope we could answer some common questions like "Does system XYZ work with MAMP?" If your favorite System is not mentioned yet please feel free to add a comment so we can expand this test.

Update 2009-09-16: ExpressionEngine added.
Update 10.10.2009: phpwcms added.
Update 25.10.2009: TYPOlight added.
Update 02.11.2009: SilverStripe added.
Update 01.12.2009: SPIP added.
Update 09.12.2009: WebsiteBaker added.
Update 17.12.2009: Wolf CMS & Frog CMS added.
Update 12.02.2010: CMSimple added.
Update 05.03.2010: MODx added.