Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Public Beta - MAMP PRO 4.2 macOS

We have released a public beta version of MAMP PRO 4.2. In this version we have added support for dropbox (the integration of more services is planned). This new "cloud service" will help you exchange your projects between your various Macs.

Hosts can be saved to and loaded from the cloud. MAMP PRO will save both your document root folder and database data. Your data for each individual host will be saved in a single zip file in your Dropbox. It is not necessary to install Dropbox software to use this feature, you only need a login to your Dropbox account through the MAMP PRO interface cloud settings. You can view your Databases tab to confirm which databases are linked to your host.
More detailed information about the new cloud feature can be found in our documentation:

Please send your comments, requests and bug reports to: beta@mamp.info

The public beta version can be downloaded here.